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Quick and Easy Fundamentals To Build A Solid Foundation Secrets Every Beginner Horse Rider Needs To Know
FREE Videos-Are You A Beginner In Horsemanship Who Desires More Of A "Groundwork Program" That Simplifies Things So You Will See Progress Quicker? 
5 FREE Videos – Are You A Horse Rider Who Desires More Of A "Groundwork Program" That Simplifies Things So You Will See Progress Quicker
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  • Answers to the most common horse problems...
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Here's Some Important Topics That We Will Talk About In The Video's

Q & A On Problem Solving

I will answer 5 questions that are often asked.
1. My horse is always looking away.
2. He won't stand still.
3. He is hard to lead.
4. He bucks, rears, & hard to control.
5. He's always high headed.

The Blueprint Fundamentals

Resistance. When your horse is being resistant he is not wanting to yield to pressure. He feels he needs to protect himself...This is the Blueprint to a soft and trusting horse.

Teach Your Horse To Learn

There are two sets of tools that I will teach you. So your horse can learn Pressure & Release of Pressure & Approach & Retreat.
Communication your horse understands.

Start your horse out at a Five.

The Five means your horse is in a neutral state. 
This means he is in a thinking state to learn. If he is always in a reactive state then he is in a survival state.

Are you in the right state of mind?

You must be in the right state of mind in order to convience your horse to Trust you. This way he will feel a lot more comfortable doing what you are asking him to do.


The Lead And Follow.
Are you tired of your horse walking all over you when you stop? Are you having a hard time keeping his attention on you? Well you won't after using this exercise!
"Now let me tell ya, This is some good stuff."
Hey guys, I am Larry French, and I want you to have this program. It's kind of like a course, I guess.
It is split up in Five separate video's.

In the first video, I answer five questions about some common problems that you are having. It will give you clarity on Why these problems even happen. And then I will explain and demonstrate how to solve them.

Then in the second video, I will talk about the two sets of tools that you must master if you want to prevent these problems or any other problem to come up. Now on the positive side, these tools are what you will use to teach your horse how to learn the things you want your horse to do. Yes, they are for teaching your horse how to learn. How about that? 

Now in the third video, we will go over the groundwork fundamentals to building a solid foundation. Your horse will Trust you, and your horse will always be ready to do what you ask. I go into detail about how to correctly do these exercises so you will get it right.

I also talk about what your horse is thinking and how to keep him in a thinking state. And yes, I will also explain how to keep you in a positive state of mind. So click the button below so you can get started. I am very excited to give this to you for FREE so let me know how you do and send me any questions you have so you and your horse will have a successful journey. 
P.S.  Please send me a video if you start to struggle on anything. I will watch it and get back with you, so you will "struggle forward."
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